Wine Club

Get in on the ground floor at J.L. Kiff Vineyard!
Since we only have 9 acres of vineyard, our tiny production of exclusive estate grown Pinot Noirs will only be 1200 cases per year for the foreseeable future. When our wine club reaches 800 members, we will not be able to sell wine to anyone who is not a member.

Wine Club Member Benefits
Waived tasting fees for up to 3 guests
Reduced admission to wine club events
Access to exclusive wines produced only for the club
Discounts on wine purchases
Reduced shipping rates.

How It Works
There is no sign-up fee to be a wine club member! Instead, members agree to purchase wine twice per year and receive a discount in return. There are two levels of commitment: 6 bottles twice per year (with a 10% discount) and 12 bottles twice per year (with a 20% discount). Shipments occur in the spring and fall. As a member, you get to choose which wines you want for a shipment, as long as they are available. If you would rather we decide for you, you can also opt for a predetermined wine assortment which will be communicated to you prior to the shipment.

How To Join
Send us a completed sign-up form, which can be found via the link below. Welcome to the family!